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About Us

Truth be told; as one who’s not particularly comfortable talking about myself, this has been the most difficult aspect in creating this site.
So, instead of me writing something, I’ll share a piece that was written about me in a local magazine. It covers most of the important points a prospective client needs to know.
I do, however, wish to personally share one very important important thing.
That’s the heartfelt gratitude I have for my Labs, album companies, associate photographers, retouchers and makeup and hair stylists. They are all tops in their fields, always providing the best quality products and personal service to my clients.
Without them, I couldn’t deliver the results my clients deserve and have come to expect.

From Calabasas Style Magazine–
Engage Marvin in a conversation about his chosen profession and you’ll quickly realize that he absolutely loves what he does. Every job is a fresh creative challenge and an opportunity to fulfill the needs of his clients. To feel this way about one’s career after three decades is indicative of a pretty deep and rewarding love for both photography and people.

What services do you offer?
In the personal arena, I offer custom portraiture for individuals and families and Personal Beauty Portraits for women.
For my business and corporate clients; business portraits, imagery for promotion and marketing and event coverage for corporations and large non-profits.

Sounds like quite a diverse portfolio.
Perhaps, but it’s primarily people oriented and the skills I have developed in each area are applicable to and actually enhance my performance in the others.

Is there something that distinguishes your services?
As somewhat of a generalist with the drive to always improve and refine, I’ve been able to develop a technical and personal skill-set that is deep as well as broad. Whether photographing a woman for an anniversary gift for her husband, debutantes in Vienna, portraits for hospitals across the US, or a family in their backyard, I am hired to bring home results that delight the client, with no excuses.
Second, I’m always expanding my aesthetic sensibility and visual vocabulary. Without command of light, form, space, proportion and grace and movement of the human form, I wouldn’t be able to create the images my clients and I envision.
And, finally, I’m always mindful that photography is a service business based in relationship. As a client, honoring your unique identity, needs and vision and partnering with you to create your desired result is paramount. Only when you feel that I “get you” and am here just to serve and support you, will you be available and invested in creating a meaningful portrait or trust me with conveying your company’s message.

Do you have a particular business philosophy?
Yes, to honor the unique qualities and needs of each client and approach every project with a fresh perspective and a broad and refined creative palette.
Regardless of how many portraits I’ve created or events I’ve covered, your project is special and unique to you and deserves every resource (technical, relational and aesthetic) that I can bring to the experience. Past experience builds proficiency, but should never lead to a “cookie-cutter” mentality. (If I ever start to view a job as “just another one,” it’s time to stop doing that type of work.) My clients deserve and should expect more than that.
Each person, family, business or organization has its own characteristics and personality. It’s my responsibility as a professional to be attentive to that and then enhance, capture and communicate that individuality and uniqueness.
Simply put, I want to show each client in the best light possible; literally and figuratively. I see the unspoken request of anything that comes before my lens as this - Honor who or what I am. This applies to a person, a business, a product or a scene in Nature; each has an essence that can be captured and shared whether on the living room wall or in a promotional piece for business or a gallery. When this is accomplished hearts are touched, new clients hear the message of your business or someone stops their busy pace, for just a moment, to appreciate the beauty in the world.
All of this is expressed through a business model that fosters a collaborative, relational, custom, client-centric approach rather than one concerned with volume turnover and selling a commodity.

What’s the most interesting or exciting thing you’ve photographed?
Although, I’ve photographed some “famous” individuals and in many beautiful locations, my heartfelt answer is this:
What’s most exciting is when I’m able to “create a space” that supports a portrait client in allowing their true nature to be captured – often to their surprise but confirmed by the knowing smiles of those who know them well. It is also a thrill to see a finished portrait or photographic experience initiate even the slightest shift toward a brighter or broader self-image in a client or deepen the bonds of a relationship.
Clearly, I’m in the image business and deal with appearances, but my work can be a potent tool to either promote the superficial or support substance. I choose substance every time. In fact, one yardstick I use when evaluating portraits, my own or others’, is whether the subjects feel real and approachable; is this an authentic portrayal or merely a technical exercise, no matter how well executed?

That sounds like a pretty tall order
I guess it does, but I don’t separate my business and personal perspectives and that’s probably the main reason I’ve only had one career. Photography, particular the telling of people’s stories, capturing who they are, who they hold dear and the moments they share serves as a perfect vehicle for the expression of who I am and how I walk in the world. A photographic experience and the images created can reconnect a client with forgotten aspects of themself, boost a business’ bottom line and help a family reaffirm their connections.
I partake in the benefits, as well. I get to meet and collaborate with wonderful, interesting people in a genuine way to create images that make a real difference in their lives. I am truly rewarded when a Mom shares what she feels about her family when she walks past their portrait in the living room or a husband his feelings when he sees that special portrait of his wife.

I get to touch people’s hearts and capture and preserve the joy of their lives. Not a bad day’s work.